On Thursday, August 4th UpperEdge will host its first Night of Destruction, a special one off event that will feature a night of smashing, bumping, hard hits and daring moves. With a figure 8 event at Irwindale Speedway to start the evening off, drivers will be put to the test as they are not only racing for spots and a win, but racing the track as cars cross each others paths. A 40-lap main event around the figure 8 track will be preceded by practice and single car qualifying, starting at 8:00pm ET.


While an event like this has very few rules, there are still a few:

The event:

The cars:


8:00pm ET - server opens

8:20pm ET - single car qualifying

8:25pm ET - 40-lap figure 8

9:00pm ET - demolition derby server opens

9:15pm ET - demolition derby

Registered drivers:

Bradley Burk2
Cody Tabor3
Cameron Hornsby4
Joseph Theis5
Jason Thomson6
Jamie Dyson11
Michael Fenlason14
Michael Thomson16
Walker Thomas18
Ryan Dyson28
Shayne Therrien38
Michael Laraia44 
Cayden Lapcevich76
Jo Lawrence78

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