Thursday night the London Recreational Racing Cup Series Powered by RoadLife visited the Bluegrass state for the Kentucky 200, the 12th race of the regular season. The 2nd last event before the 2016 Championship Elimination begins with the Entry Round, featured some thrills and spills, as to be expected with so much on the line.

After final practice, the event got underway with Circle Alliance Pole Qualifying, where drivers battled for starting position, which has proved to be very important all season long. Corey Hoover scored the Pole Award for the third straight week with a benchmark track record time of 30.289. Hartenfels and Roppolo round out the top 3 starting spots.

The 133 lap Kentucky 200 began with a lengthy green flag run and saw drivers on varying strategies during green flag pit stops. The second half of the race saw a few cautions, which ultimately determined the end of the race. Corey Hoover was leading late but disconnected for the second straight week. In the closing segment, contact with Carl Shedd, who was leading, and Jo Lawrence triggered a wreck farther on back. This caution allowed some drivers to stay out, several to take 2 tires and many on 4. Many spun the tires which eventually caused a caution, handing the win to Walker Thomas for the second time for this season.



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