UpperEdge Racing is pleased to announce its first annual throwback event, which will take place at Darlington Raceway on November 10th, 2016. As many race fans know, Darlington is a track with a rich history that is comparable to no other track. Nicknamed the lady in black, Darlington is a special place not only for real life racing, but for UpperEdge as well.

The track forces drivers to not only race each other, but the track itself, which always results in a race that is exciting, full of unexpected results and fun. UpperEdge has made the November 10th event the official throwback event for the 2016 season, one that will see many throwback paint schemes and other vintage and old school traditions.

Drivers and teams are asked to recreate old paint schemes from within UpperEdge, or honour schemes of family or friends that once raced in real life. Replicas of these are of course permitted, as long as it is not a NASCAR scheme of sorts. We look forward to seeing drivers and teams slowly release their throwback rides on social media as the throwback event approaches.


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