Closest Finish in UpperEdge History

Closest UpperEdge Finish

Margin 0.008

Track Martinsville

Date April 15, 2014

The Super Late Model 150 Weekend saw Ryan Dyson barely beat Austin Hartenfels in a dramatic green-white-checkered finish, by a mere 0.008 seconds after Hartenfels held the outside for two laps.

Closest Finish in Cup Series History

Closest Cup Series Finish

Margin 0.013

Track Daytona

Date August 31, 2017

In the mid-season Daytona 200, Filip Radojcic made use of a door slam coming to the stripe to score his first career win by the slimmest of margins.

Closest Finish in Sportsman Series History

Closest Sportsman Series Finish

Margin 0.010

Track Talladega

Date February 5, 2015

Bronson Stafford beat Andrew Fayash III, the eventual series champion, in a drag race to the line in a race that saw action all night long.

Closest Finish in Truck Series History

Closest Truck Series Finish

Margin 0.015

Track Daytona

Date March 9, 2017

Michael Fenlason passed 4 trucks on the last lap and scored the win after being forced to the grass by Shayne Therrien.

Closest Finish in Dirt Series History

Closest Dirt Series Finish

Margin 0.021

Track Knoxville

Date January 22, 2018

In a wild last lap, Ryan Dyson jumped the curb allowing Ryan Beagle to get to the bumper and then under Dyson as the two drag raced on the apron to the line.

Most Consecutive UpperEdge Victories

Most Consecutive Victories

Record 4 Wins

Series Super Late Model Tour

Driver Justin Trombley

During the inaugural Super Late Model season Justin Trombley went on a tear en route to a championship, winning at Martinsville, Lanier, USA, and South Boston.

Most Consecutive UpperEdge Poles

Most Consecutive Poles

Record 3 Poles

Series SLM Tour/Cup Series

Driver Trombley/Shedd/Hoover

In 2014, Justin Trombley set a new UpperEdge record by winning 3 straight poles. In the 2016 Cup Series, Carl Shedd tied this record as did Corey Hoover.

Most Wins in a Season

Most Wins in a Season

Record 10 Wins

Series Sportsman Series

Driver Andrew Fayash III

During the 2015a Sportsman Series season, Andrew Fayash III won an incredible 10 races on the 22 race schedule. This is the highest win percentage in Cup/Sportsman/Truck history at nearly 50%.

Highest Winning Percentage

Highest Winning Percentage (100% Attendance)

Record 57.1%

Series Super Late Model Tour

Driver Justin Trombley

In his 2014 championship season, Justin Trombley won an outstanding 4 of 7 races.

Most Poles in a Season

Most Poles in a Season

Record 9 Poles

Series Cup Series

Driver Ashton Crowder

In his incredible 2018 season, Ashton Crowder earned 9 poles in 14 attemps bettering Andrew Fayash's prevous record of 7

Highest Pole Percentage

Highest Pole Percentage (100% Attendance)

Record 71.4%

Series Super Late Model Tour

Driver Justin Trombley

In the 2014 season, Justin Trombley won the pole in all but two races (7 race series), a record that is surely going to be hard to beat.

Most Lead Changes

Most Lead Changes in a Race

Record 47

Series Sportsman Series

Track Talladega

May 5th, 2016 played host to an incredible race that saw the lead change hands 47 times. Nearly the entire field led a lap in the race.

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