No. Driver Sponsor(s) Manufacturer Team
02 Jamie Haley N/A Manufacturer Rubbins Racin Motorsports
05 *Tommy Emasie N/A Manufacturer N/A
1 James Pascarella Deck Savers Manufacturer Steel Horse Racing
2 *Justin Muncill Coors Light, JMunc Designs, Sim Nation Manufacturer Race 2 Win Inc.
3 Doug George Turn Three Motorsports Manufacturer Turn Three Motorsports
5 Joseph Theis N/A Manufacturer Roppolo Bros. Racing
8 Chris Wright N/A Manufacturer Rubbins Racin Motorsports
9 Trevor Roppolo N/A Manufacturer Roppolo Bros. Racing
10 *Robert Kenny Peak Antifreeze, JMunc Designs Manufacturer Sky Motorsports
11 Jamie Dyson E3 Sparkplugs, ourExpression Manufacturer Bizarre Autosport
12 Dalton Alexander Fastenal, SimNation, JMunc Designs Manufacturer Race 2 Win Inc.
13 Andrew Byrd RoosterTeeth/Let's Play Manufacturer Byrd Racing
14 Michael Fenlason Mobil 1, JMunc Designs Manufacturer Evil Motorsports
17 Samuel Close N/A Manufacturer 3OG Racing
18 *Walker Thomas N/A Manufacturer Evil Motorsports
19 *Marvin Wingfield Bakfish Brewing Manufacturer Back Porch Racing
20 Eric DeBlasio Saint Michael's College Manufacturer DeBlasio Racing
21 Adam DeBlasio Syracuse University Manufacturer Roppolo Bros. Racing
22 Jake Watson Spira Fire Protection, LRR Manufacturer Jake Watson Motorsports
24 *Raleigh Grant Davis NAPA, 24 Designs, 3M, Gillette Manufacturer Flatout Motorsports
25 Corey Blevins Sport Graphic, Keyes Architects and Associates, Crest Manufacturer Flatout Motorsports
28 *Ryan Dyson LRR, APC, ourExpression Manufacturer RCA Racing
29 *Austin Hartenfels Obsessed Garage, Adam's Polishes Manufacturer RCA Racing
30 Adam Ferree Phantom Racing Chassis Manufacturer Ferree Racing
31 Filip Radojcic Pilotedge Manufacturer Super Sonic Motorsports
32 Andy Glazik N/A Manufacturer Bizarre Autosport
33 *Corey Hoover SEM, Hunt Brothers Pizza Manufacturer RCA Racing
36 Cal Whatmore N/A Manufacturer Bizarre Autosport
37 Tom Storey N/A Manufacturer RCA Racing
38 Shayne Therrien N/A Manufacturer Evil Motorsports
39 *Bronson Stafford Cineplex, JMunc Designs Manufacturer Sky Motorsports
41 Shawn Powell Crescent Moon Contractors Manufacturer Powell Motorsports
44 *Michael Laraia Profile Machine Products, Lowe's, Kobalt Tools, Auto Lite Manufacturer Flatout Motorsports
45 Carl Shedd N/A Manufacturer Roppolo Bros. Racing
46 Cameron Hornsby O'Reilly Manufacturer Flatout Motorsports
48 Nick Masse N/A Manufacturer Rubbins Racin Motorsports
51 Bradley Burk Bass Bro Shops, Interstate Batteries, Jegs Manufacturer Flatout Motorsports
54 *Tom Bourne Fire News, Yelp, JMunc Designs Manufacturer Sky Motorsports
55 Stephen Baker RADD Racing Manufacturer RADD Racing
62 Andrew Cardinale TN Designs, Pitstop Insider Manufacturer Super Sonic Motorsports
73 Zachary Hisel Corsair Manufacturer ZLF Motorsports
77 Rett McBride Amsoil Manufacturer Steel Horse Racing
78 *Jo Lawrence N/A Manufacturer Bizarre Autosport
88 *Joshua L Adams IBuyPower, Manufacturer Rubbins Racin Motorsports
99 Eric Blount Valvoline Manufacturer Top End Racing

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