No. Driver Sponsor(s) Manufacturer Team
3 Justin Collison LRR, Bennett GM, Graybar Canada, Castrol Canada Manufacturer London Recreational Racing
7 Bryan Batty Batty Motorsports Manufacturer Batty Motorsports
11 Jamie Dyson VP Racing Fuels, E3 Sparkplugs, ourExpression Manufacturer RCA Racing
15 Jesse Carr JCR Manufacturer Jesse Carr Racing
19 Willy Howells N/A Manufacturer Team Blue
22 Jake Watson LRR, Leftturn Chassis Manufacturer Left Turn Motorsports
28 Ryan Dyson LRR, APC, ourExpression, DRIVEN Manufacturer RCA Racing
43 Clinton Nicholls N/A Manufacturer Nicholls Racing
44 Michael Laraia Profile Machine Products, Lowe's, Kobalt Tools, Auto Lite Manufacturer Flatout Motorsports
51 Bradley Burk Bass Bro Shops, Interstate Batteries, Jegs Manufacturer Flatout Motorsports
53 Tyler Sutton JCR,, Ullom Used Truck Parts Manufacturer Jesse Carr Racing
55 Tyler Frye JCR, Harris Auto Racing, Bsb Manufacturing Manufacturer Jesse Carr Racing
60 Parker Traves Draco Springs Manufacturer Traves Motorsports
76 Cayden Lapcevich GFastline Motorsports, LRR, MPI Steerling Wheels Manufacturer Left Turn Motorsports
78 Jo Lawrence Great Lakes Concrete, MRE Manufacturer RCA Racing
83 Dale Shaw Wix Filters, Dj's Services Manufacturer RK Motorsports
84 Ryan Beagle Wix Filters, Dj's Services Manufacturer RK Motorsports
98 Brandt Graham N/A Manufacturer Graham Racing

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